Career Going Nowhere Fast? Here’s How to Reroute

Career Going Nowhere Fast? Here’s How to Reroute

How do you know when you career is going nowhere? Not an inkling, or a theory, but an absolute fact that you are not going anywhere.

Whether you’re having those feelings now, or if you will have them in the future, it’s important to recognize what’s making you feel that way. Is it the job or the day of the week? Andrea Murad of Fox Business knows that there are constant ups and downs in a career, and that everyone has second thoughts about a job. The key to it all is knowing what you should do about it.

Murad writes, “It’s important to realize the difference between work lulls and hints it’s time to move on. Every worker faces downtime that takes a little energy to overcome and it’s important to realize the difference.” Key things you should be concerned about is going to work late, leaving early, participating and interacting less in meetings and with co-workers. You should also be concerned if you feel you are no longer learning from your job because it means you will have less to offer, and are no longer an asset. Murad suggests, even if you are feeling stagnant you should “reignite” your career otherwise you may find yourself unmarketable and out of a job before you are ready.

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