How to Get Over Workplace Jealousy

Office Envy: How to Get Over Your Coworker-Friend’s Come-Up

Basketball Wives LA castmember Draya wasn't too happy that her friend and industry peer snagged a cover. (Image: File)

The moment Draya walked out of that King magazine photo shoot during the second episode of Basketball Wives LA has haunted her for the rest of season two. Last week, we watched as castmates Draya and Brooke beefed over whether Draya was genuinely happy that Brooke scored the cover—instead of her.

Whether Draya was sincerely excited for Brooke or Brooke is asking for too much enthusiasm, watching a friend get a come-up over you can be pretty painful. Getting passed over for a promotion (and watching it be awarded to your industry peer) can sting even the most Kanye-West of egos. Here’s how to deal:

Get out of your feelings: Watching your coworker move from the corner cube to the corner office could make you feel a bit envious and disheartened. Allow yourself to feel these emotions, but don’t wallow in your feelings. Sinking into a work depression or acting in anger won’t help you advance.

Take the L like a champ: The decision has been made, and there’s nothing you can really do about it. You can, however, take the time to examine the situation and be honest with yourself. Did you comply with company procedures? Was your manager aware of your aspirations? After you’ve had your time to woosah, schedule a meeting with the decision maker—who may or may not be your direct supervisor— and inquire about what you can do to better yourself for future opportunities.

Talk to your friend: Even if it means hashing it out over lunch in true Basketball Wives fashion, keep it real. Try not to be bitter toward your newly promoted colleague. Everything happens for a reason, and that job may have not been best for you. If you continue to work hard and achieve your goals, your promotion will be on its way. Plus, your friend may have just become the power player who can help catapult you to where you want to be.

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