3 Tips for Using Instagram Video for Job-Seeking Success

3 Tips for Using Instagram Video for Job-Seeking Success

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The speed of the 21st century communication is quickening by the day. And with Instagram giving Vine a run for its money, adding 15-second videos to the mix, the dynamic of communication and marketing via the Web continues to change. In today’s job market, you cannot expect the classic, paper resume or application to illustrate your individuality. Utilize these three tips to expand your social media presence for your job search—not solely for last night’s dinner or your “quote of the day.”

You have a journal with you at all times: Who says you can’t turn your simple Instagram account into a photo and video journal? Pick a theme and dedicate two posts a day or week on what you offer the job market. Within a month, you can present it as a project. Business Insider offers tips like maximizing hash tags, seeking content for your brand and chatting with your followers about their content as ways to effectively market yourself and your skills.

Be your own publicist: If Dawn Siff has proved nothing else— after her Vine résumé went viral (which actually gained her a job with the Economist Group)—it’s that sometimes you have to be your own publicist. Siff used Vine as a platform to present a creative version of her résumé. Instagram will actually give you nine more seconds to sell  yourself, so take advantage of the extra time. Sometimes you have to step outside of tradition and publicize yourself in a way that will optimize attention. Showcase your skills through through witty sayings, skits or scenarios that show the value you can bring to a company.

Research the companies you want to work for: Use your networks to do homework on employers and companies that you wish to work for. This allows you to know what a particular company likes, initiatives they are involved in, and upcoming events. Notice how they use Vine and Instagram and take note. This way, you’ll be able to tailor your resume and cover letter to that brand. Honestly, employers are already doing it to you, so get in the game with them.