Toddler Found Inside The Jaws Of An Alligator Was Reportedly Drowned His Father

Toddler Found Inside The Jaws Of An Alligator Was Reportedly Drowned His Father

Last month, 2-year-old Taylen Mosely was found in the jaws of an alligator. According to new news reports, Moseley was allegedly drowned by his father. 

Pashun Jeffery, Moseley’s mother, was found dead in her apartment with several stab wounds, after she was reported missing on May 30. It’s alleged that after stabbing Jeffery, Moseley was placed into a lake by his father, CNN reports. 

The Washington Post reported that Mosely’s cause of death was by drowning, which was announced on Monday (April 24) by St. Petersburg police. Thomas Mosely has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder for the deaths of Mosely, and Jeffery. 

According to The Washington Post, Thomas, after his 21st birthday party, stabbed Jeffery more than 100 times. Thomas then allegedly put their son into the 362-acre lake, less than one mile from Jeffery’s apartment.  

“Due to the extremely serious allegations surrounding these tragic losses, our investigation is currently focused on gathering information about the facts and circumstances of the case, as well as our client’s mental state,” the spokesperson from the public defender’s office said in a statement, cited by The Washington Post. 

According to the affidavit obtained by The Washington Post, Moseley had cuts on his arm and hands, which were “consistent with the injuries caused by slippage during a knife attack.” 

Theo Brickhous-Sails, Jeffery’s great-aunt told the local news station, WFLA, that she tried calling Jeffery on March 30, to no avail. 

“The phone went to voice mail,” Sails told the local news station. “And nobody answered. And just kept going to voice mail, and my gut told me something was wrong.”

During Sails’ lunch break, she decided to drive to Jeffery’s apartment. There, Sails noticed blood stains outside Jeffery’s apartment and sought help from the complex’s manager, who went inside the home, where they found Jeffery dead.  

“We’re without words. We love Pashun very much, and we love Taylen,” Sails said to WFLA. “We’ve lost Pashun, so we ask you guys to help us to find Taylen and get him back — please.”

“I worried about them suffering,” Sails added to WFLA. “That’s my biggest worry, was that how they suffered. And when I close my eyes at night, that’s all I see, was the suffering of both of them. And I pray to God that they didn’t suffer long.”

Thomas is currently in jail. He has a court hearing on May 5.