The Sports Résumé: Tools Needed to Secure a Job in the Industry

The Sports Résumé: Tools Needed to Secure a Job in the Industry

Take the job no one wants and do the work no one wants to do! Give maximum effort, deliver positive results and connect with anyone willing to hear your story. This will help establish your position within the Sports Business Industry.  — John A. Shumate, Director of Marketing – Pepsi Beverages

Securing a job within the sports industry is a challenging process. Many employers receive hundreds of applications per job opening (e.g. ESPN, Nike). Successful job seekers go beyond the usual practice of developing and submitting multiple application materials online or to a hiring manager’s email address.

The Sports Résumé (TSR) provides strategic employment advice and consultation. Our goal is to help all job seekers, including students seeking internship opportunities, accomplish their mission to secure the coveted sports industry job.

Some of the product and service offerings we provide include the following:

Professional Writing Services (Résumé, cover letter, LinkedIn profile)

SPORTS JOBS DAILY (eNewsletter, delivered Monday – Friday)

INSIDERS (Database of sports industry recruiters and hiring managers)

Job Board (Updated daily; search by multiple categories)

Visit or contact us at for more information. TWITTER: @TheSportsResume

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