Top 10 Questions To Ask During A Job Interview

Top 10 Questions to Ask During a Job Interview

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A job interview isn’t just for the employer to get to know you. You should also be getting some insight as to what the company has to offer you as well. A great sign of a leader and efficient worker is one who doesn’t just passively take on a series of questions, but actively dialogues to show they’ve also done their homework and can put forth initiative.

Asking the right questions during your interview can not only show you’re a top-notch candidate who’s really in it to win it, but it can give you key insight as to whether a job is the right one for you. Here are top 10 questions, detailed by Madame Noire, that any job candidate should ask before leaving their interview:

What is the most challenging part of this job?
Asking this question shows that you’re not unrealistic or idealistic about the position at hand and that you are aware that every job comes with challenges, and prepared for those.

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