Top 15 Companies Hiring This Year

Top 15 Companies Hiring This Year

Although the job search may be difficult for some, the numbers are in the millions for those who are unemployed, there are still jobs that need to be filled. Forbes writer Jacquelyn Smith and Indeed put together a list of top 15 companies that have job postings for jobs that pay more than 60,000 dollars a year.

According to the Indeed communications managers, Michael Werch,  the numbers are looking positive, with a 5% increase in the amount of jobs being posted on the site last month. Werch also says that he expects the next Bureau of Labor Statistics report to show an increase in jobs for the 36th straight month. Here is the list of the companies who have been featured on Indeed with salaries of over $60,000 a year. Many of the companies listed are technology or financial companies which shows that there is a strong increase for those industries.

1. Amazon: 2,407 openings
2. Oracle: 2,350 openings
3. Microsoft: 2,089 openings
4. Dell: 1,862 openings
5. JPMorgan Chase: 1,761 openings
6. IBM: 1,755 openings
7. PwC: 1,571 openings
8. SAIC: 1,537 openings
9. CRST International: 1,378 openings
10. Apple: 1,374 openings
11. Deloitte: 1,343 openings
12. AT&T: 1,341 openings
13. HP: 1,327 openings
14. Henderson Trucking: 1,324 openings
15. General Dynamics: 1,296 openings

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