Top 5 Blacks in Brewery
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Top 5 Blacks in Brewery

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In tribute to #NationalBeerDay today, here’s a look at five of the top African Americans in the brewery industry. From brewmasters to fermentation specialists, these business leaders and innovators really know their beer.

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1. Jason Pratt was the yeast and fermentation specialist for MillerCoors, and in 2010 he graced the cover of the Black Enterprise May issue due to his innovative drive and contributions in the STEM field. By combining his taste buds and strong knowledge of science, Pratt uses his expertise to assure taste and quality during the fermentation process of Miller and Coors suds. Five years ago when Pratt was featured in BE, he was one of the youngest professionals paving the way in math and science. Today, he continues to do the same as manager of beer education for Tenth and Blake Beer Co, the craft and import division of MillerCoors.