Top 5 Least Stressful Jobs

Top 5 Least Stressful Jobs

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With high amounts of stress due to the current economic climate—and the fallout of recessionary times—believe it or not, there are jobs that have less stress than others. These jobs often have high growth potential and are facilitated in an environment that breeds productivity, not meltdowns.

According to Career Cast, these are the least stressful jobs yesterday based on measurements of 11 specific factors across 200 occupations, considering factors including travel requirements, growth potential,  deadlines and physical demands.


Median salary: $26,280

Outlook: 1%

University professor

Median salary: $64,290

Outlook: 17%


Median salary:$35,350

Outlook: -5%

Hair stylist

Median salary: $22,700

Outlook: 14%


Median salary: $69,720