Top Independent Fashion Week Events

Top Independent Fashion Week Events

The world’s largest fashion celebration kicks off this week in New York City, and in case you haven’t noticed, beyond Mercedes-Benz sponsored events, world-famous supermodels, couture designers and top fashion models, there’s a slew of independent events dedicated to showcasing emerging designers and artists. Fashionado compiled a list of the top independent fashion weeks happening around the globe.

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  • FasionClash – noted as an international & interdisciplinary platform, organizes a variety of events and projects to connect and showcase the work of new generation designers and artists.
  • Berlin Alternative Fashion Week – a platform “celebrating nonconformity and alternative concepts in fashion. The platform “challenges gender roles and restrictive attitudes, in order to give everyone the freedom to choose what they want to wear and to explore new identities and possibilities.” Berlin Alternative Fashion week includes a weeklong program of shows promoting influential, genre-breaking innovators in the fields of fashion, music, and art in a context that isn’t constrained or dominated by big brands and labels.
  • Brighton Fashion Week – For 10 years Brighton Fashion Week has given a platform to a diverse group of designers and artists to showcase their work. A series of events kicks off Oct. 15—17.
  • From Sept. 28—Oct. 4, Vancouver Fashion Week brings emerging talent from around the world to their runway to celebrate diversity and multiculturalism.
  • Copenhagen Fashion Week – As the largest fashion event in the Nordic Region, Copenhagen Fashion Week spotlights a mix of Danish and international talent, which attracts an enormous number of designers, buyers, and press from around the world. Events take place every February and August.
  • Fashion Week Brooklyn – Founded by the non-profit BK|Style Foundation, Fashion Week Brooklyn brings a bi-annual show featuring designers from around the world to the heart of Brooklyn. Beyond strutting models down the runway, Fashion Weekly Brooklyn helps raise awareness about social issues like human rights, HIV/AIDS, poverty, and community development. Proceeds from each season support charitable organizations.
  • As the country’s leading authority in international fashion, Serbia Fashion Week, brings designers from 16 European countries to showcase their work across the continent in fashion shows, educational workshops, exhibitions, and competitions for students studying fashion.

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