Gift of Gab? These Top Careers Are for You

Gift of Gab? These Top Careers Are for You

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If you’re trying to find the best job to fit your best qualities, it’s good to know exactly what those qualities are. You may be good with interacting with others, public speaking or weaving words together like a master wordsmith. Well, if you are, these professional options are perfect for you:

Software Developer

Whether it’s fair or not, techies are notorious for being bad communicators. Yet as a software engineer–the creative mind behind computer programs–you’re way ahead if you can communicate well with your team. And if you’re gifted at translating tech lingo into language anybody could understand, you’ll really stand out in this industry.

Average Salary: $90,000

PR Specialist

As a PR specialist, you don’t just spread the good news about your company–you’re excellent at putting out PR fires, too. Your communication skills get a workout as you make announcements, network with media contacts or smooth over public scandals with your talk talent.

Average Salary: $57,000


Your basic job is translating a message, but it’s so much more than getting words in the right order. Especially in a healthcare or business setting, you’ve got to be a master of cross-cultural conversations. By c

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