Cool Jobs That (Surprisingly) Pay Six Figures

Cool Jobs That (Surprisingly) Pay Six Figures

From Madame Noire

When the top-paying jobs come to mind, most people think of careers in the medical and law fields. Those are the professional paths that one knows will guarantee a big paycheck after earning training and degrees and doing the work.

But there are other jobs that pay six figures and more that don’t have anything to do with four years of law school or multiple medical internships. Take a look at Madame Noire’s list of cool jobs that, surprisingly, pay six figures:

Human Resources Manager: Average annual salary for top 10% of workers: $130,090
Average annual salary: $108,600

It makes sense that an HR manager would be compensated handsomely — after all, his/her decisions impact the company’s productivity and financial bottom line.

Requirements: For the higher paying HR jobs at larger corporations, a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in human resources, or industrial and labor relations, or business background.

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