NBA Hall of Famer Tracy McGrady Says Relationship With Adidas May End, ‘I Deserve Better’

An NBA Hall of Fame player may be ending his 25-year relationship with a sneaker giant.

According to Boardroom, the business relationship between former Tracy McGrady and Adidas has been “rocky” and may be coming to an end. The sneaker giant, who is also in the crosshairs of Kanye West, has been dealing with McGrady since before he even started his legendary career.

“I’ve been with Adidas for 25 years, I think we’re coming to an end,” McGrady said at the Hashtag Sports conference in Las Vegas last week.

“Tweet it. Put it on Instagram. Whatever you want to do, I don’t give a s**t.”

“The treatment that I’ve gotten from them over the last ten years, it is what it is. I deserve better.”

Throughout his career, Adidas released six signature models for the man known as T-Mac. Although he retired in 2013, he kept re-upping his contract, signing multiple shoe deal extensions with the athletic wear company.

Over the past decade, McGrady reportedly hasn’t felt the love from Adidas.

At T-Mac’s one-on-one basketball tournament, Ones Basketball League (OBL), McGrady stated that he did not receive the support he would have liked from adidas.

“This is why I have that attitude,” he said. “When I started OBL, I was told I couldn’t pull this off — by Adidas. So, that’s why I feel that way.”