NFL Players Find Second (Career) Wind with Music Boot Camp

NFL Players Find Second (Career) Wind with Music Boot Camp

Changing careers can be a difficult task for anyone. It requires a lot of thought and direction whether it is a voluntary or involuntary decision. For those who make a conscious decision to leave their job, the plan may be to pursue a passion, or move to a company that better fits their needs.

Those who have to change careers due to circumstance may find it harder to make a lateral move, and must rely more on beginning a totally new career. If you were forced to make a change it can be especially hard to find something you are passionate about. Music mogul Clive Davis plans to make that decision a little easier, for NFL players at least, by creating a music boot camp. The boot camp is for players who need help transitioning at the end of their career. Jack Folsom, a contributing writer for the Washington Square News, delves into the inner workings of the boot camp at the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music.

The Business of Music boot camp lasts for four days and shows NFL players different aspects of music careers from seasoned professionals. “The Business of Music Boot Camp provides our current and former players with an exciting opportunity to gain an understanding about potential music careers while meeting key leaders in the business,” said Dan Masonson, the director of corporate communications for the NFL. “Working with NYU’s Clive Davis Institute … offers a tremendous learning experience and exposure to the best of the best in the field.”

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