Singer Trey Songz Civil Rape Case Dismissed After Statute of Limitations Expired

Singer Trey Songz Civil Rape Case Dismissed After Statute of Limitations Expired

Trey Songz is no longer tied to a 2016 rape case due to the alleged victim letting the statute of limitations max out.

The singer’s lawsuit was thrown out last Monday after Trey’s, real name Tremaine Neverson, legal team argued that the statute of limitations had expired long before the alleged victim—identified only as Jane Doe—filed her complaint. The woman filed the suit in early 2022, claiming she had a consensual sexual relationship with the singer but accused Trey of turning into a “savage rapist” on March 24, 2016.

In 2019, the statute of limitations in California was changed to three years. But Jane Doe filed the suit against Songz six years after the alleged assault.

In the $20 million lawsuit, the woman accused Songz of “brutal rape” that sent her to the hospital. The alleged incident occurred during a house party in West Hills, California, in 2016, USA Today reported.

According to the suit, Songz invited the woman upstairs for “a sexual encounter,” which she said was initially agreed upon since the two allegedly had a “casual and occasionally sexual relationship” before the alleged assault.

The woman then claimed that Songz repeatedly asked the woman if they could engage in anal sex, to which she repeatedly told him no.

“After entering the bedroom, Trey Songz turned, almost immediately, into a savage rapist,” she said, according to the lawsuit. Songz allegedly threw the woman “to the ground” and forcibly raped her. The woman said the rape continued despite someone walking into the room and exiting during the assault.

In April, People reported that Songz was cleared in a sexual assault investigation in Las Vegas.

“The LVMPD has conducted the investigation into the sexual assault allegations against Tremaine Neverson and determined that no criminal charges will be filed,” a rep said.

“If any new evidence comes to light, the case will be reopened for further investigation.”