Trey Songz’s Alleged Rape Victim Refiles Lawsuit For $25 Million

Trey Songz has been named in a $25 million lawsuit filed by an anonymous woman accusing him of sexually assaulting her in 2016.

The woman, identified as Jane Doe, refiled her suit with allegations that fall in line with claims she previously made in a $20 million lawsuit filed in February 2022, Rolling Stone reported. The lawsuit was thrown out last November after Songz’s legal team argued the filing was past the statute of limitations.

Songz’s label, Atlantic Records, his manager, Kevin Liles, and Liles’s label, 300 Entertainment, are also listed as defendants in the new lawsuit over claims the execs are partly responsible for the singer’s alleged misconduct.

The woman reference other allegations of sexual assault, sexual intimidation, and physical violence made against Songz in recent years.

“This case is much more than about one singer and one viciously abused sexual-assault survivor who has the courage to take action,” Doe’s attorney, George Vrabeck, said in a statement.

“It’s also very much about the systematic sexual abuse in the music industry and the music industry’s complicity in silencing sexual-abuse survivors,” Vrabeck added. “It’s virtually impossible to believe that those executives are not and were not aware of the institutionalized sexual abuse.”

In the lawsuit, the woman claims to have had a consensual sexual relationship with Songz prior to the alleged rape. She was under the impression they would get intimate again during a house party in March 2016. However, she claims Songz threw her to the ground and anally raped her despite her screams begging him to stop, Vulture reported.

The woman claims a rideshare driver took her to a hospital for treatment on the night of the attack. After the incident, Doe claims Songz harassed her at a New Year’s Eve party and called her a “slut” and a “liar” before having security kick her out.

Doe moved to another state out of fear of Songz, the lawsuit states. But she claims she was threatened by another musician who told her to “keep [Songz’s] name out her f**king mouth or he’d kill her.”