The Trick to Negotiating Your Salary

The Trick to Negotiating Your Salary

You’re fully prepared for the interview, and you ace it. You know the offer is coming, and you’re pretty sure it’ll be exactly what your heart desires and then some. The offer comes and your heart sinks; it’s not even close to what you imagined. Or, maybe it is, but you want more. It’s time to negotiate.

Here is where things can get awkward.

Negotiating anything, let alone a salary, takes a level of boldness and assurance that many people tend to shy away from, as they assume it will be frowned upon. The countering of an offer can sometimes make us feel like we’re sending the message that we’re ungrateful, entitled, or arrogant. Your first step is to scrap that feeling.

In order to be an effective negotiator, you must first be convinced. You must know that you’re exceedingly worthy of what you’re asking for, and that you have everything you need in your arsenal to prove it. You must be confident. You must be bold. You must be assured.

Women, particularly, tend to fold when considering the necessity of negotiating. According to recent data from lending company Earnest, only 26% of women between the ages of 18 and 24 negotiate their job offers, compared to 42% of their male peers. career expert Vicki Salemi makes the below suggestions for how women can master “the ask”:

  1. Go in Knowing Your Ask. Yes, even if the original offer is a good one. Yes, even if you feel awkward asking. In your head, try to make this an essential for the job-search process, just like wearing a proper outfit to the interview or writing a thank you note after your interview. Need motivation? Bear in mind that women still only earn 79 cents to every $1 that men do. How would you feel if you knew the guy in the next cube over with the same title was making 21% more than you were? Or better yet, how happy would you be with 21% more money in your bi-weekly paycheck?
  2. Be Prepared. In order to know what you should be asking for when negotiating your salary, do your research ahead of time. Look at it as a fun project to boost your bank account. Start by looking up your job title and geographic region on or This will give you a starting point.
  3. Ace the Conversation. When the job offer comes in, you may be jumping up and down on the inside, but do not accept that offer on the spot. This should be a friendly, collaborative conversation. Treat it as such–meaning, don’t go in ready for a fight.

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