Trump Approves Washington D.C. Emergency Declaration For Biden Inauguration

Trump Approves Washington D.C. Emergency Declaration For Biden Inauguration

Outgoing President Donald Trump has declared an emergency in Washington D.C. and ordered federal assistance to assist in President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration.

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser requested Trump issue an emergency declaration amid concerns of a second, larger attack during Biden’s inauguration. The Jan. 6 storm on the Capitol resulted in five deaths. More than 100 people have been arrested since the attack, according to The New York Times. Additionally, CNN reported House Democrats have introduced an article of impeachment against Trump for inciting the attack.

Trump’s approval of Bowser’s request authorizes the Department of  Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency to provide assistance for emergency actions. The Secret Service will also be well represented as former Presidents Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush will be attending the inauguration with their wives.

“Specifically, FEMA is authorized to identify, mobilize, and provide at its discretion, equipment and resources necessary to alleviate the impacts of the emergency. Emergency protective measures, limited to direct Federal assistance, will be provided at 100 percent Federal funding,” the White House said in a statement Monday night.

The declaration began on Jan. 11 and will last through Jan. 24.

Biden’s inauguration is expected to have less of a crowd and will include virtual events and speakers due to the coronavirus pandemic. However,  it’s expected to be a contentious day. The FBI has warned all 50 states that there are protests planned at each Capitol, some of which may have protesters openly carrying weapons.

The attack on the Capitol has led to businesses, banks and even Republicans separating themselves from Trump or calling for his resignation. However, Trump has indicated he will not resign and Vice President Mike Pence has indicated he will not invoke the 25th Amendment. Meaning, more than likely, Trump will be able to finish his one term.

Videos across social media showed multiple members of the Capitol siege being arrested at home or at the airport as they returned from D.C. Several members of the Capitol police have been suspended and at least 10 more are under investigation over their actions last week.

Police officers were seen taking selfies with members of the riot, opening doors to let the protestors in, and helping protesters in and out of the building.