Trump Plans To Hold Event To Rival President-elect Biden’s Inauguration Day

Outgoing President Donald Trump is considering a final, dramatic White House event to in order to outshine President-elect Joe Biden.

According to an Axios report, Trump is planning a grand party to leave the White House and announce his 2024 bid for president. Trump’s plans include a final Air Force One flight to Florida and an address in an airport Hangar.

President-elect Joe Biden inauguration is set for January 20. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, something Biden takes seriously, his event is expected to be a low key, mostly virtual event. In addition to breaking the  presidential custom of attending the next president’s inauguration, Trump may not invite Biden to the White House before the inauguration.

A president not attending the inauguration of the next president is rare, but not unheard of. John Adams, Andrew Johnson and John Quincy Adams all skipped the event. Richard Nixon also did not attend the inauguration of Gerald Ford.

Many believe Trump will use the event to announce a 2024 bid for president. Trump has yet to announce his plans but according to The Independent, admitted to Republican National Committee members that he was willing to run again in 2024.

NBC News reported Trump is happy with his post-election fundraising haul and has told his team to keep filing election lawsuits destined to go nowhere in the coming week to keep his base focused.

Officials with the Biden campaign aren’t surprised by Trump’s actions and antics. Campaign officials said soon after Biden was declared the projected winner that they didn’t expect a smooth transition or for Trump to invite Biden to the White House. Officials added any such invite would take place outside due to Trump’s lack of social distancing rules and face masks.

While Trump continues to desperately try to hold on to the White House, President-elect Biden continues to put his administration together. On Dec. 7, Biden announced his nomination of retired General Lloyd Austin for Secretary of Defense. If appointed, Austin would become the first Black Defense Secretary in U.S. history.