Two Different American Realities Under Trump Presidency

Two Different American Realities Under Trump Presidency

As Donald Trump enters the second week of his presidency, he is facing growing political backlash, with reportedly tens of thousands of people rallying in 30 U.S. cities, lawsuits mounting, Democrats introducing legislation, and the Republican Party fracturing over his executive order to ban travel to the United States from seven Muslim-majority nations. According to USA Today, there have been rallies underway in Boston, Philadelphia, New York, Washington, Los Angeles, and other cities. Sunday drew thousands, as part of a groundswell of fury, which erupted in the streets and at airports across the nation, with no signs of abating.

This is the latest mass anti-Trump protest since his inauguration. The Women’s March on Washington on January 21, in Washington, D.C., reportedly attracted about 597,000 people to protest Donald Trump’s first full day in office. Simultaneous protests drew large crowds across all 50 U.S. states and on all seven continents. These protests further exemplify that this country is not united; even giving rise to questions about what is UN-American.


Making America Great Again?


As far as Trump supporters are concerned, he is, indeed, helping to make American great again. A new survey suggests that people are living in vastly different Americas, especially when you break it down by Trump supporters versus Clinton supporters. According to a flash poll conducted by Pollfish–a real-time mobile survey platform for consumer insights–there is a palpable divide in sentiment and expectations surrounding the Trump presidency. Now that we have entered an era of facts and “alternative facts,” one area that seems to be in agreement at least to some degree is that the press has very little validation under a Trump presidency.
Pollfish’s mobile survey polled 1,016 Americans in real time, immediately after the Inauguration on January 20. Thanks to Pollfish’s proprietary database of U.S. mobile users–the largest of its kind–it was conducted much faster than phone-based or online survey platforms.

Here are some the key findings:

  • OPINIONS DIFFER OVER HOW THE ECONOMY FARED UNDER OBAMA: Only 17% of Trump voters, compared to 87% of Clinton voters, think the U.S. economy improved under Obama.
  • ECONOMIC EXPECTATIONS UNDER A TRUMP PRESIDENCY ARE DIVIDED: Whereas 96% of Trump voters think the economy will improve under Trump, just 13% of Clinton voters feel the same way.
  • THERE ARE SIMILAR DIVIDES OVER PERSONAL FINANCES UNDER TRUMP: While 77% of Trump voters think their personal financial situation will improve in the coming years, only 11% of Clinton voters express the same sentiment.
  • NO MATTER WHO YOU VOTED FOR, THE FUTURE OF THE PRESS ISN’T BRIGHT: Surprisingly, 23% of Trump voters, compared to 61% of Clinton voters, think the press will become less free under a Trump presidency. Only one in three Trump voters believe the press will become more free, compared to one in 10 Clinton voters.