Turbocharge Your Career And Get PMP Certifications With The Help Of This Training

Turbocharge Your Career And Get PMP Certifications With The Help Of This Training

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It’s highly possible to boost your income by up to 20% to 40% without leaving your job. You’re most likely already doing the work that people in a higher income class are also doing. Except that you lack the certification they have under their belt. If you want to turbocharge your career, the best course of action is to obtain professional certifications.

Whatever the industry is, project managers are always in demand. They have the capability to manage time, money, and scope within a defined deadline. Their job is to get things done, which is why they’re paid handsomely for it. If you want to pursue this high-demand career, The 2021 Complete PMP Career Training Certification Bundle has the perfect resource. More importantly, it prepares you for the certification exams needed to strengthen your résumé.

The training bundle has 10 courses and over 35 hours of content on project management, methodologies, and frameworks like Lean Six Sigma. Furthermore, all courses are taught by experienced project managers and entrepreneurs. You can expect to receive an extensive primer on project management, as well as learn techniques in managing tasks. Also, you will learn to optimize project workflows, implementing frameworks like Agile and Scrum, and planning the scope, schedule, budget, and risks of every project before you start.

In addition, you’ll also be guided through test preparation. You’ll have the chance to prepare for the most probable type of exam questions and learn strategies that can be helpful in acing the tests. 

The courses in this bundle would set you back $1,990, but for a limited time, you can get the set on sale for only $35.

Prices subject to change.