Turn Any Text-Based Content Into A Podcast To Maximize Your Productivity

Turn Any Text-Based Content Into A Podcast To Maximize Your Productivity

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Life doesn’t slow down for anyone, no matter how much we’d like to hit the pause button. While we can’t freeze time for anyone, we can make the most of our time.

Imagine how much you could get done during your daily routine if you could turn all your meeting reports, emails, PDFs, and any text-based content into audio. In the name of productivity and for those on-the-go moments, Elocance does just that.

The entrepreneurial journey gets easier when you can maximize your day by multitasking. Your morning routine, commute, and even a workout can turn into preparation for any and all things work-related.

You can still stay ahead of the competition through constant learning and “hearing” web articles. Pick your personal favorites online or the selection of articles through the app on business, leadership, travel, investing, entrepreneurship, and tech.

Even when it comes to your holistic health, audiobooks can break that habit of starting at your digital screen for an average of 7 hours a day. All that blue light can lead to temporary issues like bodily pain and headaches, while potentially causing nearsightedness in the long run.

Depending on your goals for that day, take advantage of the playlist feature. Organize text into categories by topic, length, or importance.

If you’re working with some rather confidential information, have no fear: Elocance honors your privacy by following strict GDPR guidelines.

Rather than straining your eyes constantly, break your day up and get more done by taking advantage of Elocance. Your eyes deserve a break with the app, which is now 50% off the normal yearly subscription cost of $86.99. Simply unlock a year of audio by entering code ELO#2@21 directly in the account section of your app, and jumpstart your productivity today.