Branding Expert on Turning Tragedy into Triumph

Turning Tragedy into Triumph: Branding Expert Talks Importance of Owning Your Story

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What factors have been essential to building your brand and growing your company?


  • Continuous Learning – reading and being adamant about professional development have been essential.
  • Mentorship – my first writing mentor, journalism professor and now the editor of my book, Frank Dexter Brown, helped me strengthen my true voice;
  • Client relationships — my TBI clients have been a key part of my growth. I’ve worked with over 200 brands and people in the past six years, and they inspire me with new challenges. I’ve strategically remained very “indie” focused, because there is reward in helping a start-up company or brands create movements from nothing, but an idea and their passion.

Whats the biggest risk youve taken in your career?

Undoubtedly, my first biggest risk was leaving my full-time, well-paid position in 2010 to operate my business – without ever receiving a check larger than $200 (prior to that point).

Secondly, my current journey as an author is a risk. My book, 10 Blessings of Betrayal, is very personal and transparent, yet, God told me to share my story. This was a huge career gamble, because I knew that current and potential clients and business partners would either love that I’m able to share my story to help others, or would not want to be affiliated with me at all.

Your business is grounded in public relations, communications and marketing but being of service is baked in your business model. Why is helping organizations build their communities so important to you?

It’s important because it’s the single-most integral way that each person can improve the world. If we’re all constantly trying to help and serve others by using our gifts and building our communities, we’re destined to make a tremendous impact. I learned this very valuable lesson after hitting rock bottom. I had nothing and wanted to give up, and God planted the words “12 Months of Service” on my heart. Since then, it’s been my life mission to serve: Mobilize, Empower and Build communities.