'For White Folks Only': Twitter Puts Georgia Restaurant on Blast After Black Woman's Racist Encounter

‘For White Folks Only’: Twitter Puts Georgia Restaurant on Blast After Black Woman’s Racist Encounter

(Image: TikTok / @mauryssa / Screenshots)

Racism wasn’t the encounter a Black woman planned to have when she went to play pool at a bar on Saturday.

Georgia restaurant, Hiram Bar and Grill, is in the hot seat after a viral video, posted by Tik Tok user @mauryssa, surfaced on Sept.18 of a Black woman’s run-in with a group of racist white people. The video showed the woman’s altercation as she defended herself while allegedly being harassed for eating there and wanting to play pool.


Part of the encounter showed the Black woman standing her ground after being told the restaurant was “for white folks only.”

She responded to the patron, telling him to “come with it,” making it clear that they weren’t going to kick her out and that she was going to finish her food before leaving the establishment.