Twitter Says California Rep. Maxine Waters Account Was Not Hacked, Nothing to Reclaim

Twitter Says California Rep. Maxine Waters Account Was Not Hacked, Nothing to Reclaim

Twitter Inc. said it found no signs California Rep. Maxine Waters’ account was hacked after an earlier tweet from the Democrat’s profile claimed the account was erased.

Waters tweeted just before noon Tuesday that her account has been erased. Many of the replies to Waters’ tweet poked fun at the fact that the tweet was sent by her verified account, despite her claim of it being deleted.

A spokesperson from the social media giant told Yahoo Finance “as is standard, we have open lines of communication with her office and have worked with them to ensure the account is secure. At this time, we’ve identified no signs of account compromise.”

According to the Daily Mail, Waters has two verified accounts on Twitter, one personal and one for her reelection campaign account. Neither account has posted or liked anything that would be considered unusual, which is a sign that an account has been hacked.

Waters was in the news last month when she slammed her fellow Democrats over the treatment of Haitians by federal law enforcement agents. While this may have been the first time her account was hacked, the California Democrat has faced death threats most of the political career.

In August, Michael Anthony Gallagher was arrested and charged for sending a postcard in January to Waters containing a death threat.

“The Sheriff of Stanislaus County says you and your (expletives) are (expletive),” Gallagher allegedly wrote, according to . “We will successfully put a bullet in your head. -+KKK.”

Waters was also one of several high-ranking Democrats targeted by a mail bombing attack. The Capitol police intercepted pipe bombs that were mailed to her and the other politicians in October 2018.

Former President Donald Trump has asked a federal judge to force Twitter to reinstate his account as his post-office-like online engagement has hit new lows. Since leaving office, Trump has tried creating his own platform, releasing Twitter-like press releases and continuing his campaign style rallies, but none of it has kept him in the spotlight.