Supply Chain Issues Sparks #BareshelvesBiden To Trend In Response to Empty Store Shelves

Supply Chain Issues Sparks #BareshelvesBiden To Trend In Response to Empty Store Shelves

The latest trending hashtag on Twitter, #BareshelvesBiden, is about the empty shelves at local grocery stores. Americans all across the country expressed their frustrations about the current status of the economic supply chain.

It was Sunday evening when the phrase peaked at No.6 on Twitter’s trending list. A wave of tweets scrutinized President Biden for what they said was a failure to address the supply chain crisis. The high demand for goods, accompanied by labor shortages, has become massive stress on the supply chain.

Numerous photographs show desolate store shelves, further emphasizing the message behind the hashtag. However, it is unclear what caused the shortage at the stores in photos.

One Twitter user turned attention to a CVS in Philadelphia with a barren medicine area.

NewsBusters Managing Editor Curtis Houck posted photos of four different grocery stores in Maryland with store shelves cleared out and pictures of empty shelves at a grocery store in Oakton, Virginia.

Kayla Tausche, a CNBC senior White House correspondent, also chimed in with her photos from a Trader Joe’s and captioned it, “Apocalypse now.”

Additionally, former Atlanta Mayor and Democrat Keisha Lance Bottoms participated in the Twitter trend to share how supply chain issues impacted her, specifically in Southwest Atlanta.


But last week, a top White House official said it’s not clear if the supply chain crisis problems have peaked, as per The Washington Times.

“It’s hard to tell that the supply chain pressures have peaked,” White House Port Envoy Jon Porcari told reporters. “I think what is clear is that the pandemic laid bare what was the underlying reality, which was that the supply chain was stressed even before the pandemic.”