Two Bomb Threats During Howard University’s First Week Of Classes Prompted Evacuations And Sweeps

Two Bomb Threats During Howard University’s First Week Of Classes Prompted Evacuations And Sweeps

During Howard University’s first week of classes, two bomb threats targeted the East and West Towers on campus, prompting early morning evacuations of residence halls twice in 48 hours.

Local DC station WUSA 9 reported that the Metropolitan Police Department notified the Howard University Department of Public Safety of the anonymous threat at approximately 2:36 a.m. Friday morning. Campus officials swept both towers alongside local police with K-9 units. Though all-clear, the investigation is ongoing.

The string of events come after similar bomb threats were inflicted on Howard and several other historically Black colleges and universities earlier this year, BLACK ENTERPRISE previously reported. From January to February, the FBI said nearly 60 institutions were targeted with bomb threats in phone calls, e-mails, instant messages, and anonymous online posts.

The two bomb threats bring Howard to a total of eight threats this year alone. On Friday, Howard University president Wayne A.I. Frederick submitted a statement to students and staff.

“It was difficult for me to witness in person students sitting in Banneker Park and heading to trailers on Sherman Avenue and crossing Georgia Avenue on their way to Blackburn Center in their pajamas and sleepwear,” Frederick wrote, per the news outlet.

“This is terrorism, and it must stop.”

According to CNN, an additional residence on Howard’s campus called Cook Hall was also cleared Tuesday night following a bomb threat made by phone. An all-clear announcement was confirmed a few hours after the threats came in.

“I want to be clear about the university’s position on the narrative of these threats,” Frederick concluded in his letter. “This isn’t about resilience and grit. We require extra resources from all law enforcement agencies directed towards solving this ongoing threat and bringing those who perpetrate its negative effects to full justice under the law.”