Two Pregnant Women’s Violent Fight Ends Tragically

Two Pregnant Women’s Violent Fight Ends Tragically

A pregnant woman in Houston was seriously injured when another pregnant woman intentionally hit her with a car, during an argument over the man who fathered both their children, KHOU reports.

The incident occurred at the home where Christopher Chaney, 26, the babies’ father, lives with his pregnant girlfriend, 21 year old Alise Kelly. Chaney said his pregnant ex-girlfriend, 26-year-old Shareyll Hunter, showed up at the house and started arguing with Kelly.

“I was in my house asleep, and then one of my kids’ mothers came,” Chaney told KHOU. “I mean, they been texting and talking over the phone saying they want to fight each other and meet up right here and do it.”

Hunter jumped in the car, drove into the other woman and pinned her baby’s father new girlfriend between the car and the house, police said. Kelly was rushed to the hospital with two broken legs. Doctors had to amputate one of her feet. The baby is expected to be OK.