‘UnbeWeavable!’: 2 Women Caught Smuggling Cocaine in Hair Extensions, Detained in Colombia

‘UnbeWeavable!’: 2 Women Caught Smuggling Cocaine in Hair Extensions, Detained in Colombia

Two women were detained in Colombia last week after authorities discovered nearly two kilos of cocaine hidden inside their hair extensions.

The women were reported en route to Madrid from two separate airports and were stopped when a body scan showed foreign objects hidden in their voluminous hairstyles, Local 12 reports. A shocking video shows authorities removing black tubes from the women’s hair extensions.

Police opened the tubed and tested the substance to reveal its content. In the end, authorities seized 1.950 kilos of cocaine.


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Many expressed their shock after seeing the video clip of the cocaine being removed from their hair extensions.

“Unbeweavable!! This is Sad because this is NOT worth it,” one viewer wrote.

“Now, they will no longer have their freedom!! The consequences alone should make them think and say “Heck No!!”

“WOW!!!! A helmet of coke lol,” added someone else.

“I hope the men who made them do this get caught as well,” one viewer wrote. “Many times these women are threatened w their lives or the lives of their families if they don’t do this. Or they are promised a good job and protection if they just do this one little thing. They are offered nothing in reality.”

The Colombian Antinarcotics Police (CAP) arrested the women on Thursday, Today 90 reports. The arrests took place at the Alfonso Bonilla Aragón International Airport and the José María Córdova International Airport.

One woman was caught carrying 900 grams of cocaine inside her hair and at least another 200 grams in her private parts. The other woman was carrying 650 grams of cocaine and another 200 grams in “her private parts at the time of being detained,” authorities said.

Authorities are investigating the relationship between the two cases of the detained women, who were both headed to Madrid from Colombia.

According to the CAP, the women were placed at the disposal of the Attorney General’s Office, where they’re expected to be charged with drug trafficking.