Tyrese Ordered to Pay $636k to Former Wife for Back Child Support, Responds to Ruling

R&B singer and actor Tyrese Gibson couldn’t get out of court “fast” enough after hearing the judge’s court rulings on Tuesday. Following his court appearance, Tyrese took to Instagram to respond to his recent child support hearing.

According to TMZ, the Baby Boy actor has to take a significant cut to his bank account because the judge ordered him to pay $237,944 in back child support to his former wife, Samantha Lee Gibson, for their daughter Soraya. The singer must also pay $399,000 for Lee’s attorney fees. 

But wait, there’s more! The judge ordered that he shell out an additional $17,000 for the special master appointed to the case. If you do the math, that’s more than half a million dollars ($653,944) he has to fork over to Lee Gibson.

It’s unclear whether or not Tyrese’s call to action to remove the judge from the case factored into the court’s decision. However, when Tyrese took the stand on Tuesday, he told Judge Kevin M. Farmer that the $10,000 a month he was previously ordered to pay was excessive. The Watts native argued that his ex-wife makes a good salary herself.

Although he argued this in court, the 44-year-old has never paid the required $10,000 per month ordered in August 2022. Judge Farmer acknowledged that Tyrese had been paying only $2,236 monthly since the ruling, and the $237,944 sum handed down represented the difference in required payments, plus interest.


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The father of two said he plans on appealing the ruling and wants to bring change by way of legislation, saying he intends to join with other fathers to go to Congress to “get some new laws put in place.”

“For any fathers, advocate groups, anyone that can represent me to get some new laws put in place that can go into Congress. I am ready, along with a whole lot of other fathers who continue to get f**ked over by the family law court system…. I’ve never been the type of man to sit on my hands quietly b**ch, and moan at home about everything…. I stand UP and speak UP and OUT about injustice.”

Tyrese’s attorney Tanya Mitchell Graham has already filed a motion for a new trial, slated to occur next month. She also informed TMZ she would file an appeal once the judge’s order is entered. Tyrese has been told to pay approximately $258,000 before May 15.