Tyrone Cooper Arrested After Breaking Ex-Girlfriend's Jaw, He's Also One of The Harlem Liquor Store Attackers

Tyrone Cooper Arrested After Breaking Ex-Girlfriend’s Jaw, He’s Also One of The Harlem Liquor Store Attackers

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Screenshot from surveillance footage

One of the suspects who was caught on camera viciously attacking a 31-year-old Harlem woman outside of a local liquor store has been arrested. The Daily News reported that police captured Tyrone Cooper after physically assaulting his now ex-girlfriend, breaking her jaw. 

 Cooper is the only suspect to have been arrested since the Jan. 18 attack outside the package store on W.128th Street and St. Nicholas Ave. Along with three other men, the suspect brutally beat, robbed and mauled a woman after she turned down Cooper’s offer to purchase her bottle of wine for her.

 Now the man’s ex-lover admitted that she was with Cooper when the violent assault occurred. She also alleged that Cooper punched her after the woman attempted to help the 31-year-old mom.

 “I tried to stop him from beating on the girl,” the 20-year-old disclosed in an interview with the Daily News. “One of the punches he gave me for trying to help her. The other was him grabbing me and telling me we have to go.”

 Police arrested the repeat abuser after the anonymous woman had her jaw fractured in an unrelated incident. Although the two had only been dating for one month, the victim endured heinous abuse and threats from Cooper, the Daily News reported.

 She detailed instances of being thrown down a flight of stairs, repeatedly punched in the face and snatched by her neck– violence that subsequently made her call it quits after his arrest on Feb. 3. The latest violent attack stemmed from a conversation the woman had with her father on the phone as the couple visited family in East Flatbush.     

 “(Cooper) was drinking a whole bottle to himself, vodka,” she recounted to the publication. “He answered my phone for me. It was my dad. He said to him, ‘I can’t wait to meet you.’”

 The woman explained that Cooper became angry that she wouldn’t speak to her dad via speakerphone so that he could eavesdrop on their conversation.

 “He took the phone away from me,” she detailed. “He said to me, ‘I don’t know what type of funny s–t you’re trying to pull.”

 “He got aggressive,” the victim continued. “He said, ‘Come outside, let me talk to you real quick.’ He told me he didn’t want me to talk for the rest of the day.”

 After luring her away from relatives, Cooper assaulted her.

“He grabbed me by the neck,” she said. “He pushed me down the stairs. I jumped so I didn’t roll all the way down. When I got to the bottom of the stairs, he grabbed me and punched me.”

 The woman said family members got her away from Cooper’s violent attack. They ushered back to the apartment where Cooper, foolishly, called the police accusing the family of holding the battered woman hostage.        

 “My friends have my girlfriend locked up. I don’t want to press charges. I just want her back,” the news outlet reported. “They’re going to lie and say I hit her.”

 Police arrived and arrested the thug who was hiding on the roof of the building.

Tyrone Cooper Harlem assault suspect arrested
Courtesy of Kings County Jail

 According to court records, Cooper was charged with three misdemeanors for the assault and arraigned at Kings County Criminal Court. His bail was set at $3,000, and his legal counsel is through Legal Aid.

 Court records for the Harlem assault indicate Cooper was arraigned on Wednesday in Manhattan. His bail, in this case, is $25,000.

Tyrone Cooper Harlem assault suspect arrested
Photo Courtesy of New York County Court

According to the Daily News, Cooper has a sordid past as an abuser– having cases in multiple boroughs.  

 “There were so many other girls before me,” his ex said. “It’s just a pattern with him. I just don’t want another woman to experience this.”