UCLA Quarterback Chase Griffin Uses His NIL Deal To Donate To Charity

UCLA Quarterback Chase Griffin Uses His NIL Deal To Donate To Charity

UCLA quarterback Chase Griffin has inked a NIL deal with Linkedin, the star quarterback said during an interview with AfroTech, now that student-athletes can shape their stories and change the narrative. 

“There are athletes everywhere, whether it be speaking out about initiatives that are near and dear to them or portraying their personality in ways that are authentic to them, in ways that aren’t really shaped or guided by the administration or coaches,” Griffin said to AfroTech

One of the ways Griffin is speaking out and shaping his story is with the launch of his organization, NIL For Good. With every NIL deal Griffin secures, he gives a percentage to his organization. 

“So, when you look at NIL — I think the overarching effect of it is one that promotes equity and inclusion,” Griffin said. “The athletes who are taking full advantage of this, not only are we able to earn some money and build brand relationships, but for the first time, are able to freely convey ourselves to the public and realize our own value while we are still in college.”

According to a post on his Instagram account, Griffin has already donated $22,000 to the likes of  LA Regional Food Bank, Move United, and Hutto Education Foundation, according to AfroTech.


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“As a Christian, I feel compelled by my faith to give and to be in a position where I’m on scholarship and earning money,” Griffin stated. “I consider it a blessing to be able to be generous and to give a piece of all of my NIL deals to various initiatives. My main partner is the LA Food Bank. I grew up with friends with some growing up with food insecurity, and to be able to help children in the LA area who deal with some of those same issues that some of the people around me dealt with growing up, it’s a huge blessing.”