Unique Christmas Gifts For The Mom-To-Be
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Unique Christmas Gifts For The Mom-To-Be


The pandemic babies are coming! I repeat, the pandemic babies are coming!

And you know, the mother-to-be is expecting to be showered with gifts this holiday season, even if she insists that she doesn’t. Our good friends at Amazon have the coolest items for pregnant women no matter what stage of pregnancy they may be in.  Take a sneak peek-a-boo at these items any mama would be elated receive.

Bump Boxes 2nd Trimester Pregnancy Gift Box 

This brand provides all the things a pregnant woman needs for a moment of self care and relaxation during each trimester. Inside this 2nd trimester box,  you’ll find organic shea and cocoa belly butter to maintain skin’s elasticity, a cute frame for sonogram pictures, a rejuvenating bath soap, and a sleeping mask.


Bump Boxes (Amazon)

Pregnancy Prayer Cards

Praying for a healthy pregnancy is an important part of the baby bump journey that many moms adhere to.  This deck of cards has a weekly description of your baby’s growth along with a prayer prompt and matching Bible verses for all 40 weeks of pregnancy. Pregnancy Prayer Cards make a unique gift for an expecting mother this season.

Pregnancy Prayer Cards (Amazon)


Pregnant AF | A Pregnancy Journal For A Badass Moms To Be  

If the pregnant woman n your life has a quirky personality, she’ll love this humorous, but thorough journal and planner combination. It has space for baby shower memories, a fetal movement tracker, trimester highlights a baby shopping list, and so much more.


Pregnant AF (Amazon)


AVAWING Electric Massage Recliner Chair 

Having this chair is like visiting the spa on demand! It comes with deep kneading massage nodes and heating vibrating motors, which provides different mode massage on your neck, shoulders, back and hips.

AVAWING Electric Massage Recliner Chair (Amazon)


FridaBaby Mom Postpartum Recovery Essentials Kit  

After delivery, mom will need more help than ever, especially as it relates to going to the bathroom and her “lady parts”. This recovery kit includes disposable underwear, ice maxi absorbency pads, cooling witch hazel medicated pad liners,  and perineal medicated healing foam. Talk about a deal!  

FridaBaby Mom Postpartum Recovery Essentials Kit (Amazon)