Need Quick Cash? Look Around the House for Unused, Broken Electronics

Strapped for cash, but not really interested in visiting a pawn-shop? Well, there might be a goldmine sitting in the corner of your bedroom.

Selling electronics is not only healthy for your pockets and for the environment. There are companies that pay big dollars for your unused or broken home electronics, and in the process reduce waste.

Old Cellphones are King: Gather your old cellphones, cameras and computers. The item may be broken, but the parts still hold value. Avoid selling printers, fax machines and stereos that are already outdated by the time you leave the store with them.

Try Online: There are plenty of online merchants that focus on buying and selling electronics exclusively. Try or to sell your goods for cash. will offer gift cards in exchange for your goods. Apple will buy back its own products for a 10 percent discount, but if the item is broken, try to sell it on, which will buy your broken Apple product for cash.

Get an Estimate: Not sure about how much your old electronics are worth? You can start with, an online electronic appraiser. Also, use an ecoATM, an automatic teller machine that gives cash on the spot for dated mobile devices. Find an ecoATM near you.