Urban Business Roundtable Spotlight on Cupcake Company Founder Jessy Blanchard

This week on The Urban Business Roundtable, Dywaine Betts Jr., speaks with Jessy Blanchard, the founder of Brooklyn, N.Y.-based Jessy Cupcake Company, a web-based cupcakery business specializing in healthy baked-goods alternatives. Prior to launching her business, Blanchard began experimenting with all-natural low-calorie recipes in an attempt to satisfy her family’s sweet tooth, while maintaining a commitment to nutrition. Since then, Jessy Cupcake Company has gained clients including the New York Urban League Young Professionals and Tea by Tiffany. Blanchard joins the Roundtable to share her recipe for launching a promising new enterprise.

Then UBR Contributor Samantha Pass chats, with Dr. Dennis Kimbro. A professor at Clark Atlanta University’s School of Business, Kimbro has authored best-selling books on the secrets of some of the world’s most accomplished people in history, including the classics Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice (Fawcett) and What Makes The Great Great (Broadway). He joins the roundtable to chat about his latest book, The Wealth Choice: Success Secrets of Black Millionaires (Palgrave Macmillan).

And finally, every week on UBR, you’ll hear Pepper Miller’s Y.O.U.-TURN segment, get motivation and inspiration from author and educator Dennis Kimbro, a weekly wrap-up of business news from USA Today business correspondent Charisse Jones, and our Patient Investor Report from Ariel Investments.

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