The Fallout: The U.S. Army Removes Any Traces of Jonathan Majors From Latest Ad Campaign

Actor Jonathan Majors’ rise to fame was mounting with recent projects like the recently released Creed III and other upcoming movies. That path went off course with a current domestic abuse allegation reported earlier this week. Now, an Army advertising campaign featuring Majors has been altered.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the ads that the United States Army planned on running this weekend for the NCAA Final Four Basketball Tournament featuring Majors will be altered to remove the actor from the campaign.

On Saturday, instead of seeing Majors in the commercials, viewers will see existing footage from previously aired commercials and unused material from the new “Be All You Can Be” campaign.

The repurposed ad content is from earlier ad campaigns, “Passions” and “Know Your Army.”

“The U.S. Army has preserved 100 percent of the value of our media inventory so far, losing no money in the brand campaign’s media investment,” Laura DeFrancisco, the public affairs chief for the Army Enterprise Marketing Office, informed The Hollywood Reporter.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Maj. Gen. Alex Fink, head of Army marketing, expressed that there will be no loss of the planned $70 million advertising buy for the campaign.

“We are absolutely able to utilize a majority of what we have invested,” Fink said in an interview. “We think that we’ll have some brand new creative ads in time for the Women’s Final Four on Friday.” The Army has gathered “an enormous amount” of content and footage for the two commercials, “Overcoming Obstacles” and “Pushing Tomorrow,” that showcased the Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania actor as the narrator of the creative spots.

“A majority of that content did not contain our main narrator. … So we have a ton of content to go back to, to create basically new commercials new ads, if we need to,” Fink said. “The campaign is full steam ahead.”

Majors was arrested in New York City over the weekend on assault and harassment charges and charged in a criminal complaint alleging that he struck his girlfriend in the face with his open hand, causing a laceration behind her ear, and grabbing her hand and neck, causing bruising.

Priya Chaudhry, Majors’ defense attorney, said in a statement that Majors was innocent and was “provably the victim of an altercation with a woman he knows.”