Usain Bolt: “My Sponsors Don’t Want Me to Retire”

Usain Bolt: “My Sponsors Don’t Want Me to Retire”

Just days after laying out something of a preliminary plan for the rest of his career as an athlete, Usain Bolt, 27, is backing away from plans that his retirement is imminent.

”I am definitely reconsidering,” Bolt said Thursday, according to the Associated Press. ”I think my fans especially have really voiced their concern about me retiring.”

Bolt was in London on a book tour for his autobiography, “Faster Than Lightning.”

”They think I should carry on and so do my sponsors. I have discussed it with my coach and he says it is possible. We will see what happens. But it’s in the cards that I will extend it by one more year.”

Bolt initially said that he was going to retire after the 2016 Games in Rio de Janero, Brazil. He has won the gold medal in the 100, 200 and 4×400 relay in each of the past Olympics.

”It’s a long way away, but if I win the next Olympics I will have done everything I wanted to do in my career,” Bolt said. ”So there would be no reason to continue.”