How to Use Company Culture to Attract Top Candidates

How to Carefully Use Company Culture to Attract Top Candidates

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As startup owners, my managing partner Andrew Fayad and I know too well the Catch-22 that can affect small companies. To excel, startups need powerful hires who are experienced and innovative, but it’s hard to entice executive-level professionals to swap name-brand careers for something more obscure.

At our company, we’ve successfully attracted an executive team made up of the best and brightest, despite the fact that we are still in relative infancy. We’ve learned that for executive-level employees, attractive compensation isn’t enough. They want more than just an executive-level paycheck. Instead, it’s about showcasing your company as a cultural vanguard. High-level professionals want to work for a company that aligns with their ideals and desire for work-life balance.

Once we discovered that our company culture could act as a lure for experienced influencers, we streamlined our recruitment and hiring process so that it was completely centered around company culture. In looking for big fish in a big pond, we’ve used four recruitment strategies to reel in an executive team and the best minds in design, marketing, and project management.

Be Culturally Selective

At eLearningMind, we’re selective about the team we hire because we focus on carefully putting the right people in the right places to ensure our success and longevity.

We want our company culture to be apparent from the first moment a recruit communicates with a hiring manager. When we meet with a potential employee, we use assessment tools and a personality test to ensure that the individual not only has the necessary skills, but would also fit our existing culture. As a rule, our employees are ambitious leaders who enjoy a healthy work-life balance. Even if a candidate exhibits top-notch skills, if they don’t fit into our culture we’d rather pass and wait for the right employee to come along.

Hiring based on culture means we spend less time assimilating new employees to our way of working and more time reaping the benefits of a perfect employee fit.

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Simon Casuto is the co-founder and president of eLearning Mind, an interactive creative agency focused on designing education and corporate learning by leveraging ultra-modern design principles combined with science-backed neurolearning principles to deliver smart, beautiful and engaging experiences that also deliver results.

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