Use this Superhero’s Guide to Help You Land Your Dream Job

Use this Superhero’s Guide to Help You Land Your Dream Job

Looking for a new job can be stressful and sometimes even boring, but with the help of this superhero’s guide it doesn’t have to be.

Created by Monster career expert Vicki Salemi, the below guide infuses top interview tips with the skills of superheroes to help make the job hunting process a bit more exciting.

“It makes the job search a little lighter and more relatable because sometimes it can feel heavier,” Salemi tells “[The guide] just makes it feel more achievable and possible.”

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Salemi says the idea for the guide was sparked while thinking about the super network professionals need in their career and the value of surrounding yourself with powerful people. After selecting the superheroes of her choice, Salemi then started to tie their skills and super powers into the skills needed by job seekers.

“All superheroes know their strengths and weaknesses,” she says. “And it makes it relatable to job seekers because it’s a common interview question all job seekers should be prepared to answer.”

With superheroes being timeless just like job interviews, the below guide can be used for professionals of all ages and career levels.