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Usher Recalls Serving As A Babysitter To Beyoncé’s Former Girl Group ‘The Dolls’

Usher and Beyoncé go back like Similac…or something like that. The “Nice and Slow” singer has known Beyoncé for so long he once had to serve as a babysitter to a young Bey and her early girl group The Dolls.

Usher was a guest on the U.K. radio show “Capital Breakfast With Roman Kemp” on August 11 when he shared a “fun fact” about his history with the most awarded artist in Grammy history.

“I knew Beyoncé when she was 12 years old, 11 years old,” Usher said, as noted by ET Canada. “She used to be in a group by the name of The Dolls.”

“I don’t know if I could consider myself their babysitter, but I actually had a time where I had to watch the Dolls.”

They were all kids at the time, but with Usher being a few years older, he was once tasked with watching over Beyoncé and The Dolls while at producer Daryl Simmons’ house.

“[Simmons] was working with [The Dolls] at the time, and I just happened to be over there and they were working on a session,” Usher explained.

“I kind of found my way into being their, like, I don’t know, chaperone, nanny, or something like that, because I was kinda the oldest person in the room.”

Those were the early days of their careers before both would go on to become music superstars with accolades across the Grammys, Billboard Awards, VMAs, and more. In 2008, Usher and Beyoncé answered the prayers of many R&B fans when they collaborated on Usher’s “Love in This Club, Part II” with Lil Wayne.

Most notably, Beyoncé shared the stage with Usher in 2004 for a sultry dance performance to his hit “Bad Girl.” Usher was the lead in her “Naughty Girl” video that same year.

“I’m giving away my secret to you!” Beyoncé said while revealing the name of her music video co-star, MTV reports. “I feel like Usher’s the Fred Astaire of our times.”

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