Love and Money: A Look at Valentine’s Day Shopping Behavior [Infographic]

It’s the month of love. As part of our ongoing love and money coverage, today we’re taking a look at some fun love and money statistics.

Coupon site Tada! polled 4,554 shoppers on their Valentine’s Day shopping habits. Even though 29% of the male respondents feel the holiday is overly commercial, they still had plans to spend more than women. What are these thoughtful guys spending their money on? According to the survey, dinner and jewelry tops the list. Women are more likely to send a card, candy, or a stuffed animal.

In addition, the survey found that men also outspend women in every category over $75 (16% of them spending more than $150). However, women are more likely to spend less, with 28% of them spending only $1 to $24. Only 7% of the female respondents said they spent more than $150.

Take a look at this Valentine’s Day shopping infographic.

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