ValPak 2014 Holiday Survey: Consumers are Shopping Smarter

Coupon site ValPak released its annual holiday shopping survey. The findings showed that consumer purchasing behaviors have shifted slightly over the past 12 months.

This year, more consumers are focused on shopping smarter and saving money. Among survey respondents, just 18% say they plan to pay full price for a holiday gift.

“Shopping habits of today have changed due to more mindful consumers and a different approach to holiday spending. Consumers are no longer dazzled with untargeted promotions and better understand the competition retailers have with one another during this peak season. Because of this knowledge, consumers are demanding more, and most if not all, don’t feel obliged to pay full price during the ‘season of giving’,” said ValPak president Michael Vivio in a statement.

In addition, more consumers are doing their shopping in the store, most likely to avoid shipping costs and to actively engage in comparison shopping.

What was most surprising is the survey’s finding that less consumers are conducting their holiday shopping from their mobile phones. Instead, shoppers are using mobile devices to look for deals. Roughly 48% of those surveyed say they will not use heir mobile device to shop for holiday gifts.

Additional survey findings:

  • 57% do not plan to buy this year’s “it” toy.
  • More consumers are planning to purchase gifts at small businesses as opposed to big-box retailers.

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