Venice Salon Owner Perhaps Last To See Actress Anne Heche Alive Blamed for Her Death

Venice Salon Owner Perhaps Last To See Actress Anne Heche Alive Blamed for Her Death

Glass Hair Design salon owner Richard Glass is riddled with guilt after likely being the last person to see actress Anne Heche alive, and not doing more to save her. 

The 53-year-old actress crashed into a Los Angeles home on Aug. 5 shortly after visiting Glass’ salon, and was pronounced legally dead Aug. 12 due to no oxygen being able to make its way to her brain, reports Newsweek.

Social media users collectively blamed the Venice Beach salon owner, prompting him to post a video addressing claims that he may have been the one responsible for supplying Heche drugs that led to her death.

Per a toxicology report, cocaine and fentanyl were found in Heche’s system. 

“There are people who are nice and there are people who are just evil,” Glass said as tears streaked down his face. “Making accusations that I had something to do with what her toxicology report said.”

He continued, “It’s just a lot. They’re saying she could have got the cocaine or the fentanyl from me because I was the last person to see her. I’ve never done any type of drugs, I don’t do that, I’m not that type of person. It’s been really, really [tiring] and taxing.”


Right before the crash, Glass posted a selfie with the Six Days Seven Nights actress on his Instagram after she purchased a wig from him, which may have fueled the harassment. He captioned it, “So I met @anneheche today and she purchased a #redwig so random..”

He expressed his regret and was visibly guilt-stricken while apologizing for not protecting her and not doing all in his power to have saved her. 

“I just feel a huge remorse I feel like I could’ve done something more. I feel like the universe sent her here for me to impact some kind of way and I just feel like I didn’t do everything I was supposed to, like to keep her here to protect her,” he said. “I’m extremely emotional about it and it’s wearing on my heart, this woman, she needed help and I wasn’t there enough.”

Doorbell surveillance footage in the residential area captured Heche’s Mini Cooper speed by, where she would soon crash into a car, a garage, and a house, where a fire broke out that gravely burned her.

She was then transported to the Grossman Burn Center at West Hills Hospital where she fell into a coma that ultimately resulted in her death.