Dr. Sonja Stribling

From Battlefield to Boardroom: Veteran And Entrepreneur Empowers With Quantum Goal Setting And Mindful Visualization

The U.S. veteran and entrepreneur shares her remarkable journey with BLACK ENTERPRISE.

A retired U.S Army Major and former Battle Captain, Dr. Sonja Stribling is now the successful chairwoman of the nine-figure business leader P3University.

Her story is a testament to resilience over adversity.

In a conversation with BLACK ENTERPRISE, Stribling shared her remarkable journey from growing up as the youngest of 12 children in a humble household in Arkansas to serving in the military for 21 years. Stribling’s experiences, ranging from teenage motherhood to facing life-threatening situations in Iraq, have shaped her into a visionary leader. 

Stribling also discussed how quantum goal setting, mindful visualization journeys, and nature integration led to her success.

Quantum Goal Setting: Beyond Vision Boards

Stribling challenges traditional goal setting that relies on vision boards. “Most people don’t know how to do goal setting,” she says, emphasizing the need for a more profound understanding of the process. 

For her company, the 2024 goal is an ambitious $50 million, a testament to her unyielding belief in achieving success against all odds. Stribling goes beyond the superficial aspects of goal setting, delving into the mindset, discipline, and environmental factors contributing to success.

“Quantum goal setting is looking at, for instance, for my company, where I want my company to be in 2024. Then getting very drilled down and intentional with my answers.” 

Stribling’s approach to reaching $50 million involves considering team expansion, revenue goals, and personal development as integral components of her quantum goal-setting strategy.

Mindful Visualization Journeys

As a proponent of mindful visualization, Stribling emphasizes the importance of seeing success in the spiritual realm before it manifests in the physical. Journeying from post-traumatic stress disorder and depression to becoming a successful entrepreneur underscores the power of visualization. 

“You have to be able to see it before you can see it, so you can receive it,” she says, emphasizing the spiritual aspect of visualization. “There is an internal shift that has to take place to manifest desired outcomes.”

Stribling encourages women, in particular, to visualize the life they want, challenging them to tap into their inner power and overcome the challenges they face.

Nature Integration

Nature integration is about surrounding oneself with the elements that foster creativity and inspiration. Drawing from her military experience, Stribling recalls a pivotal moment in Iraq when she made a promise to herself during a challenging time. “I was in Iraq for 15 consecutive months, fighting in 135 degrees with full-gear Kevlar on,” she says. 

During a 30-minute drill, Dr. Stribling was alone inside a trench and began talking with herself.  “I said, if you would just let me get home, if you would just let me get home, I will not take life for granted anymore.”

This experience is a metaphor for how she helps people transition from life’s battlefields to a position of influence and success.

“It is just finding the area and the space that helps you be more creative,” Stribling notes. 

Whether it’s the sound of water or the outdoors, the veteran encourages individuals to identify their sources of inspiration and integrate them into their lives for increased creativity and productivity.

From the Battlefield to the Boardroom

Stribling’s upcoming book is a culmination of her experiences and wisdom gained from the military, entrepreneurship, and personal growth. Empowering women to win in life, business, and their careers, she focuses on understanding and unlocking one’s inner power, providing tangible tools and strategies for success.

“I want people to feel so empowered that they have no choice but to do something about it,” Stribling expresses. 

Her goal for readers is to be inspired and ultimately transformed.

Dr. Sonja Stribling hopes to provide a roadmap for those not only seeking motivation but who want a transformative journey toward success and fulfillment.

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