Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris Calls Bay Area Teenager Who Went Viral For Painting Her Portrait

The excitement of a Black woman becoming Vice President of the United States has sent a shock wave of amazement, support and happiness among the people. Barack Obama becoming president was definitely an achievement that is still being heralded among people of color and now Senator Kamala Harris reaching a pinnacle not even thought about in recent years has energized people, specifically the youth in acknowledging this feat.

This accomplishment gave a young Bay Area 14-year-old teenager, Tyler Gordon, the inspiration to utilize his artistic talents to place an image he drew to canvas. The young painter then posted, on his Twitter account, a clip of him painting the image of Harris and he tweeted the photo to her as well as he asked his followers to retweet and tag her for the possibility of her seeing it.

Well, the gamble paid off and Vice President-elect Harris did see the post. Not only did she see the post, according to a follow up post from Gordon, she actually called him!

Gordon also posted the phone call he received and thanked former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea, who had also forwarded the original post for Harris to see.