VIDEO: Black Twitter Accused Khloe Kardashian Of Using Her Black Daughter As A Shield After Racist Clip Resurfaces

Perennial Black woman wannabe Khloe Kardashian caught heat –again – on social media after a clip of the reality star using the n-word resurfaced.

The clip regained traction on January 6, and the 37-year old Good American founder tried to perform damage control on the fallout by posting a photo of her mixed but phenotypically Black daughter on Instagram on January 9. The problematic clip revealed Khloe was having a conversation with the other wannabe – sister Kim on the old Keeping Up With The Kardashians footage.

During the conversation, the elder Kardashian was whining about an accurate critique of cultural appropriation. In what she thought was a good idea, Khloe told Kim that her response should be, “Hashtag fact, my baby is black. Hashtag I only like black c**k. That’s what I would say.”


She then double-downed on the mess, saying that people called her “ni**er lover.” 

Black Twitter wasted no time gathering the Jan Brady of the Kardashians. 


One Twitter user wrote that Khloe’s baby daddy’s philandering ways were karmic justice for her.

Social media users speculated that Khloe posted the photo of her daughter, True, with a cat to avoid the smoke from Black Twitter for using the n-word.

But folks on the site weren’t buying it. 

This isn’t the first time that Khloe has exhibited problematic behavior concerning Black folks. In December, Black Twitter demanded the woman apologize to former friend Jordyn Woods after she tried to end her career.

Maybe the video will remind Khloe that just because she has a daughter with a Black man doesn’t mean she likes Black people.