Video Captures Terrifying Moments After Gunshots Fired At Oklahoma High School Basketball Game

Chaos erupted as bullets flew after a boys’ high school basketball game in Oklahoma.

Fans and students at Del City High School were left scrambling after two shots went off after its game against Millwood High School. TMZ reported the broadcast of the game was cut short as the commentators ducked for cover as commercials ran.

Del City High’s principal, Steve Gilliland, issued a statement regarding the incident. “After the completion of the boys basketball game against Millwood High School, a fight occurred and gunshots were fired inside the field house,” Gilliland said, according to Bleacher Report. “The Del City Police Department is onsite and investigating the incident. We will continue to update our families as more information becomes available.”

The commotion was captured on video via TMZ Sports, which reported that an adult male was injured and taken to the hospital. Thankfully, the school has not received news of any students being injured during the shooting. An investigation, however, is ongoing.

As for the Del City basketball players, they are thankful for all the support they have received. According to Bleacher Report, William Mays, a senior guard on the team, took to social media to show his gratitude on behalf of both teams. “Thank you guys for praying for us from both schools! I thank god for keeping my Millwood and Del City families safe!,” Mays said. “I pray for the people involved to realize that HAVING a gun don’t make you popular! All we can do is pray that one day they will understand!”

The parent of another Del City team member highlighted that the team as a whole is “is doing good” following the incident. Not that it mattered, but Del City beat Millwood, 62-58.

In wake of the shooting, Gilliland announced that Del City is holding virtual classes today.