Video Interviews: How to Use Body Language to Land the Gig

Video Interviews: How to Use Body Language to Land the Gig

Studies have shown that body language can speak volumes and can make or break effective communication. In today’s global world, where various languages are spoken, body language can often be the common factor that connects us all. And in the same global world, where many employees are remote or connected through the Web, body language plays a key role in business and commerce.

According to data by PGI, a collaborations technology firm, 74% of hiring managers say video interviews make their jobs easier and 90% of recruiters surveyed say this way of interviewing reduces the time it take to fill positiions.

Video interviews have become a huge part in the shift to remote working, but it can be challenging to really convey who you are if you’re not in the same room with your prospective employer. It can also be hard for the recruiter or HR professional.

PGI offers a few body language tips on scoring big during video interviews including:

  • Frame your face: Adjust your Web came so that you show yourself from the torso up.
  • Don’t fidget: This reveals anxiety and can muffle or distort sound.
  • Suit up: Style your hair and clothing as if you were going to a real interview.