Video Marketing Truths Every Small Business Owner Ought to Know

Video Marketing Truths Every Small Business Owner Ought to Know

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Did you know that 92% of mobile video watchers share the content they consume? Or that using video embeds on your website can improve your SEO? Using video marketing to build your small business is one of the smartest moves you can make. Not only does video content give you extra ammunition for your social media networking efforts, but it also increases your time-on-page ratings and improves your brand’s online reputation as a forward thinker.

Small businesses using video outreach can turbo charge their customer acquisition rate while reducing their cost-per-acquisition rate at the same time. If you need further convincing of the power of video marketing for small business owners, the following suggestions are a few facts you should know.

Four Video Marketing Truths

1. Creating engaging videos not only boosts your chances of increased sales, but can also have a significant impact on your social media following. Consider the reaction of your social media audience when creating business videos to ensure your content hits the mark. If your videos are yawn-worthy, there’s a little-to-no chance your videos will be shared among your target audience.

2. The videos that perform the best with potential customers are ‘show, don’t tell’ videos. Your audience wants you to show them why your product/service is so awesome, not beat them over the virtual head with long-winded blather about your company. If you want your videos to perform well with your audience (and search engines!), make sure you focus on showing, not telling.


3. Your ROI (return on investment) with video can sometimes take longer than with marketing initiatives like social media. Don’t expect customers to beat a path to your door simply because you upload a new video to your YouTube channel (you do have your own YouTube channel, right?). Think evergreen content and audience engagement when creating videos and understand your proof of success will come over the long term.

4. Don’t assume that efficient video marketing requires an enormous expenditure. Thanks to today’s smartphone technology, creating powerful videos is easier than ever. Pay attention to trending topics on networks like Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook, and then incorporate your trending topics research into your video creation strategy. This increases your chances of engagement and lessens the time you have to spend wracking your brain for a video marketing topic.

These are just some of the ways small business owners can improve their video outreach. The more you understand about the power of video marketing, the easier it will be to apply your newfound knowledge to your business growth plans.