Video Shows Taco Bell Employees Allegedly Pouring Piping Hot Water On Customers

Video Shows Taco Bell Employees Allegedly Pouring Piping Hot Water On Customers

The fast-food chain Taco Bell is facing a lawsuit filed by two customers who claim one of its employees poured scalding water on them after they went to the counter to contest their orders.

Now the victims are claiming they suffered from severe burns, according to NBC News.

The reported victims, both Black, are Brittany Davis and a minor, C.T., who retained the services of civil rights attorney Ben Crump and Paul A. Grinke of McCathern Law.

The incident happened at the Taco Bell located at 11829 Abrams Road in Dallas, where they placed their order through the drive-thru and then entered the establishment to address the incorrect food orders, KXXV reports

The lawsuit, filed July 13 in a Dallas County district court, describes the manager as a Hispanic female, according to KXXV. 

Both women suffered severe burns when the manager poured hot water on them when they complained about their food order, the lawsuit reports, according to NBC News.

The restaurant’s security video was publicly released without audio. The employee appears to hold a pitcher of liquid as the steam wafts off the top as she talks on her mobile phone, making her way to the counter where the customers are standing and douses them with the heated fluid, NBC News reports. 

Crump and Grinke were able to acquire the video through a court order.

“Taco Bell management and employees’ actions in these videos are violent, callous, and inexcusable,” Grinke said in a statement on Friday. 

“C.T. and her aunt, Brittany, restaurant employees themselves, calmly ask for the food they paid for with their with hard-earned money. Rather than simply resolve the concern, the Taco Bell employees taunt a 16-year-old, and the manager ambushes them with scalding water.”  

Crump and Grinke said their clients tried to resolve the issue of their order, but the Taco Bell employees became aggressive toward them. The sisters escaped the restaurant as the manager chased after them in what appeared to be an attempt to pour a second bucket of water on them, according to KXXV.  

In addition to the released video, photos of the plaintiffs’ injuries were made public and showed both having blisters and skin discoloration, according to NBC News. 

Crump and Grinke released a statement that also detailed that while being transported to the hospital, Davis had ten seizures stemming from her injuries. She had to be airlifted to Parkland’s ICU burn unit in Dallas, according to the outlet. 

“Brittany and C.T. barely escaped this nightmare of an establishment with their lives and will have to live with the damage done here forever. There needs to be a deep and thorough investigation as to why these employees were so violent and why employees had a firearm on the property of a Taco Bell,” the statement read.

The attorneys are seeking $ 1 million in costs and damages for their clients, KXXV reports. 

Taco Bell released a statement saying the safety of its workers and customers is its highest priority, and they have contacted the franchise owner. The company’s response to the video reads:

“Everyone deserves to feel safe in Taco Bell restaurants,” the chain said. “We take this very seriously and are working with our local franchisee to investigate.”